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Has anyone gotten this to run on mac? or node

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On node there is a package called koremutake, which has a small sliver of the functionality, but might be enough for some people. It can only reliably get up to 6 bytes on my Mac Pro, beyond that I hit the Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER

  1. npm install -g --verbose koremutake
  2. set your NODE_PATH environment variable to the path of the node_modules directory in the debug output
  3. node -e 'console.log(require("koremutake").encode((parseInt(crypto.randomBytes(6).toString("hex"),16))))'

or scaped for bash

alias secpwgen="node -e 'console.log(require(\"koremutake\").encode((parseInt(crypto.randomBytes(6).toString(\"hex\"),16))))'"

Koremutake is a MeRS algorithm (Memorable Random Strings)

[Edited by Oldarney, January 04]