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For people who want old school UI/Firefox.

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Seamonkey(SM) is almost identical to firefox in the underlying technology, the only difference is the UI, which has not changed like Firefox which is trying to play catchup with Chromium.
Some firefox features are missing from SM.

SM is suited for people who want a consistent interface which they are familiar with.
Also SM requires less resources compared to firefox.

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Comparing SeaMonkey to just another web browser is unfair to the other web browser. SeaMonkey isn't just a web browser. Netscape used to offer a full suite of tools, I never found another web browser which offered as much. SeaMonkey took over where Netscape left off, and they have kept the project active. Nothing on the alternative list is really an alternative at all.

If the cosmetics aren't what you like try some skins. Or make one to suit you.

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The claim that Seamonkey is "RAM-demand similar to Mozilla Firefox" is false. Yes, when you start these applications they consume more or less the same RAM. But if you open 2 or more tabs you start to see a big difference. And if you are the kind of users that often keeps 10 tabs open, you are going to notice a huge difference in performance, between Firefox and Seamonkey. Especially if you don't own the latest, most modern, computer out there.

As for me, of course I use IceApe (Seamonkey re-branded), as my main web browser. And if, a couple of times a year, I might need an WYSIWYG HTML editor, I will use Seamonkey's Editor.


The new Netscape

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It's like an updated Netscape Communicator or Mozilla Suite. It's a great all-in-one browser, e-mail program, HTML editor etc. Unfortunately, it also keeps Netscape's outdated user interface, preferences, and some features. Otherwise, it's a great software suite.


Underrated Browser

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I use Firefox but this is a great program, It is a continuation on the Mozilla Suite which has a browser a mail client and others built in!
Firefox is just a continuation on the browser bit. But if this were way more popular it would be better!

Yes, I agree fully.

It's like Firefox-with-wings! With addons like Lightning for calendaring, FireFTP for FTP, and OverbiteFF for gopher support (amongst other powerful ones); it really is a complete package.

I have tried going back to FireFox/ThunderBird but it's just not the same. I also tried chrome for a while but it's like living your whole life inside a sports-car, I got sick and tired of it and SeaMonkey again was a breath of fresh air. Besides Gecko browsers like SeaMonkey/FireFox are back on a par with chrome in terms of speed.

Chrome is for little boys and girls, and for people who've been taken to the dark-side of the force, and also for idiots.

The Composer application should be updated, it could be much better.

Otherwise; the wise person's choice.

I use Firefox and Thunderbird as said in July.
I love your analogy.


fast and basic web pages

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The best thing I know to do fast, basic, easy, and free of charge, web pages. Even if for nothing else more, SeaMonkey, would deserve my praise for the Compositor module.