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Please note:

  1. Seafile was a company with two branches - one in Germany ( and one in China ( In the summer of 2016, the two parted company.
  2. Since then until now (March 2017), continued to provide a service syncing people's files using the open source Seafile client. Very good prices, very nice service, and an excellent client - one of the very few I've found able to deal with (literally) hundreds of thousands of small data files without breaking down. Great upload/download speeds. (I live in the EU, but not in Germany.)
  3. As of March 2017 I noticed a rebranding of to (they redirects there now). I think Seafile GmbH (the German company) are seemingly going for a rebrand to move towards a new future. Good luck to them. I'm on board as a paying customer. Let's see where it leads. I hope they maintain the open source nature of their client.

If you don't know: (now are a very reliable, low-price alternative for file syncing of the Dropbox type. Additionally, their client allows encryptions of the files you store. And the files are stored on EU territory. All of that is hugely important. By contrast, Dropbox are closed source, unencrypted (they encrypt only server-side, which is to say they can read your data) and they are US-based, which means they must hand over data at the NSA's behest without even telling you (see National Security Letter). So go with Seafile/SyncWerk. Or Tresorit. Or SpiderOak. But at least someone who treats your data with the decency and privacy you deserve.

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Great alternative to Dropbox! Why not in standart Linux repos?


Seafile is available in the Arch repos (AUR).

I should add that the Arch repos are available to more than just the Arch distro: it's also available to Manjaro and Antergos, amongst others.

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I can connect to Amazon S3 for cheap storage, access my files as if they were on an external drive, and access my files on Android.