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SCUM is a realistic and very sophisticated survival. It has very detailed metabolic statistics, you have to watch vitamins, minerals, food composition, in the game you have to pee and poop (vomit) :) The graphics are amazing Unreal Engine 4 with great attention to detail and a great feeling when the weather changes. Sometimes it's really hard, but that's the way it should be. You may be killed by other refugees, animals or zombies - here they are called puppets. It is a massacre in a big city or at a large military base. In addition, some militarily important places are guarded by a 4-meter Mechanoid with submachine guns and a aiming system. But the bunker has sweet booty and quality ammunition. I don't think it's a more complicated game of this type, DayZ is such a little cousin, it can't be compared. Here you can collect, repair cars, drive on the map. Wet things increase your weight, you like it better in the warmth of the sea, for a long time in the hills and mountains.