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Comment by xlin
about Scrivener · Oct 2017 · Helpful Not helpful

Wine compatible.


Bean and zoho are good

Comment by Alexbownsb
about Scrivener · Feb 2015 · Helpful Not helpful


Bean is the good one that i am personally using. online word editors on the other hand are also good to use. In online tools, i am using Zoho which is a great web-based application that i am using since the last few years. As i have two computers, i am using web-based on one while desktop based on the other.

Comment by tabakis
about Scrivener · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

public beta location for both windows and linux @

For Mac OS X:

For Windows:

For Linux (public beta, version Scrivener Linux beta released 22nd July 2014):

General forum for unofficial Linux version (for other/newer versions):

It is reported, that Windows version does comply/run from Wine to:


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