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Comment by tylerjasonj
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The best web-based alternative to Scrivener, for novelists, is Small Dabble iconDabble Writer, there is no better alternative for Scrivener enthusiasts, mainly if you just bought the all-new Google Pixelbook for $1000.00. Dabble is the answer to every pining Scrivener enthusiast who does not want windows or a mac anymore. Well, now, you can have Dabble Writer. For authors, it looks and feels almost identical to Scrivener without the tons of features authors do not use in Scrivener. Dabble strips Scrivener down, giving authors what they were meant to have to begin with. I tried Novlr and Novelize, but then I found Dabble. So far, Dabble Writer is doing it for me. It's like a pretty version of Scrivener with all the best of the best features for authors. It's stable, web-based, updated constantly, saves automatically and can be accessed from any computer you wish to use, at any time of day or night, anywhere around the world, as you so desire. And if your computer ever goes amiss your blood, sweat and tears remain safe in an outstanding encrypted secure cloud. Hope this helps...

Comment by xlin
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Wine compatible.


Forget wine compatibility. I installed my scrivener on wine and it worked for quite some time, then suddenly for no reason that I could fathom it would save something that could't be read. Something in the WINE directory structure was not set up right. I looked for a solution and finally came across an "unofficial" linux version 1.9. This has some problems - I had to install aspel-dev to fix spelling and the toolbar buttons don't all work (the menu does however) all in all, the linux install is better even if it still needs work. I don't fully trust it so I make multitudinous copies.

Bean and zoho are good

Comment by Alexbownsb
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Bean is the good one that i am personally using. online word editors on the other hand are also good to use. In online tools, i am using Zoho which is a great web-based application that i am using since the last few years. As i have two computers, i am using web-based on one while desktop based on the other.

Comment by tabakis
about Scrivener · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

public beta location for both windows and linux @


For Mac OS X:

For Windows:

For Linux (public beta, version Scrivener Linux beta released 22nd July 2014):

General forum for unofficial Linux version (for other/newer versions):

It is reported, that Windows version does comply/run from Wine to:

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