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Best alternative to Adobe InDesign

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I have used scribus for years for personal as well as professional usage. I have used it to create flyers, pvc banners, business stationery, signage as well as social media content eg twitter or facebook or youtube cover photos. I have also used it to create slider images for websites as the software allows custom page sizes apart from standard page sizes.

Once you know how to use this software, your creative imagination is the limit of what you can do with this software as you can see the examples of usage i have provided above.

Before installing the software, you should install ghostscript which is available for free online. Watch this video on how to install ghostscript and scribus successfully.

Hope you have a lovely time using the software :)

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On Ubuntu Linux the AppImage version works the best. That is the best publisher for Linux that I have found that is free. I ma sure there are paid ones that are better but this is more than enough for me.


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Scribus is a very refined and user friendly software that I use to create PDF documents with Combo Boxes, List Boxes, etc. at my office.

We prefer the PDF rather than working with a WORD doc or Excel spreadsheet, so whenever possible I'll make the interactive document (usually a form of some type) with Scribus.

This is another great Open Source software that is amazingly well developed and powerful.