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Great tool for regression testing

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Screenster is a great tool for regression testing.
I'd like to highlight its 'strong sides'. They are:

100% web-based
There is nothing for testers to install locally. All testers and developers use a shared server running on premise or on the cloud. And there aren’t any manuals to read either.

Visual baseline
As the tester interacts with the application, Screenster creates a visual baseline of the application and stores it on the server along with the user input. It detects the dynamic portions of the UI and offers to ignore them from future comparison. Regression test runs detect the changes and show them to the tester for approval to the baseline or bug reporting.

Codeless tests
Tests are stored in the database along with captured DOM and screenshots. Testers can browse page elements offline and update tests through innovative mouse-friendly UX. For skeptics: would you deal with code if you didn’t have to?

Smart Maintenance
Differences can be approved to the baseline with one click. Smart selectors are used to ensure that tests don’t break when elements are moved on the page or page structure changes.

AJAX friendly
Screenster has intelligent logic that detects page transitions and automatically handles AJAX updates. No need to code timeouts and deal with complexities of asynchronous programming.

Screenster offers you free version, so you can run your tests and make sure it meets your needs.