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Quick, simple and limited

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The good stuff: it just works, without any (apparent) download (other than a Java applet).

The not-so-good stuff:

  • screencasts are public
  • Flash is required for viewing. iPhone and iPads can only view the screencast if you publish it using Screencast Business.
  • if you use a SOCKS proxy in Chrome, the Java applet will complain about some invalid SOCKS operation.

Screencasts are public

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Note that unless you use the for-pay Screenr Business, screencasts will be public. This might be dangerous if you use Screenr to report issues with software that handles sensitive data such as CRM.


Screenbird is a good alternative. You can publish to youtube (and keep it private) or just keep it private on their website.

Simple and fast screencasting

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Screenr is very good solution when you want to record a screencast FAST. And by fast, i mean VERY FAST. You just have to had Java installed, besides that you are good to go. Naturally, it has some downsides, such as no editing and max length of 5 minutes. But screenr is product aimed for fast "i will show you" videos, not for professional presentations.