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Screen Connect has been bought out

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Screen connect has been destroyed by a company that bought it out and removed the self hosting option and requires you to pay monthly for it. Strike it out as an option if you want self hosting. Another good company/product bites the dust.


I'm wary of the acquisition for sure, however I'm not entirely sure this is accurate as the self-hosted option still exists.

I recently renewed my license in Feb 2016 and am using the product on my own server.

TeamViewer versus Screen Connect

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I work for a company that uses Screen Connect. For personal use I use TeamViewer.

If you TeamViewer fan's think you've got the solution I sure feel for you, you've been deceived. Screen Connect is alot lighter, faster, more options, and much more...

The only disadvantage is it's self-hosted and might take a little longer to install. It also depends on the JRE but I've never run into an issue where I couldn't connect because the customer's JRE was outdated etc... It's only the MAC pc's that give a horrible headache when it comes to connecting.

If you're trying to decide on a remote software for your company I recommend giving Screen Connect a good work-over.


Hey, another very good alternative which you may try is: R-HUB remote support server.

Switching from Kaseya

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I run a managed IT services company and I ‘ve been a customer of Kaseya of well over 5 years. Some things it did well, other’s it didn’t. I ultimately came to realize 90% of what I used it for was remote support. It became very expensive, even at their lowest price tier, $2.50 for agent. I would constantly be watching how many I had out there and deleting ones that I didn’t absolutely need in order to stay under my licensing limit. Then all of a sudden, I’d get a new client with 20 machines and would have to scramble to get with Kaseya and purchase new licenses. Before I knew it, I was spending over $10,000 a year on this software. They used to have an option to buy the licenses out right, but it was ridiculously expensive. It would have cost my shop probably close to $100k. They recently came out with a new way to use remote access. It was good and bad. Good that they got rid of VNC, bad that they got rid of RDP. Good that it was very fast to connect, bad that I had to jump between screens to chat with a customer. Oh and transferring files, forget it’s larger than a few hundred MB. Bad that remote control on a Mac was too slow to use. So I ended up shelling out more money to buy a Gotoassit license. I could only afford 1, so me and my other two techs are always fighting over it.
I’m not here to totally bash Kaseya, it has some really great features for automation and integration, but I simply didn’t use them.
I started looking for alternative and found Screen Connect. I just installed the trial this week and it’s pretty bad a**. It does everything I need it to do and is a viable replacement for both Kaseya remote control and Gotoassist. It does some cool stuff.
• It’s fast and lets you adjust the colors and resolution to make it faster
• File transfers work great, although it weird that it limits transfer to or from My Documents\ScreenConnect
• You can reboot into safe mode
• You can set up your web interface where users can download and install you agent in 1 click
• It integrates with AD
• It works on both Mac’s and PC’s for controlling and being controlled
• You can blank out the customers screen so they can’t see what you are doing, as well as turning off their mouse/keyboard
• The best part for me is, it’s licenses not by the number of computers you control, but rather by the number of concurrent support sessions you open at one time. That means I can install my agent all over the place and never have to worry about running out again.
• And it’s WAAAY cheaper than Kaseya. I haven’t made my purchase yet, but I’m definitely going to. I just need to decide how many sessions I think I’ll need.



I certainly agree that if your using Kaseya as only a remote control solution, you are not getting your monies worth.

The value of Kaseya is to build automation that delivers services with no to low man hours associated with it. Things like Patch management or third party updates, you can build it for one customer then deliver it to 100 and the only added effort is cashing the checks.

If your using Kaseya as its intended, you have ability to affect, monitor and manage dozens, even hundreds of businesses as if they were a single entity. Monitor ALL SQL Servers, regardless of who owns them or where they are located with a single policy. Perform tests to collect additional information when there is an alert, an event log or if CPU utilization spikes. Extend that to every other classification of machines and you are no longer managing customer to customer, efficiency becomes what drives your margin.

If your still doing "break/fix", trading hours for dollars, then Kaseya isn't the tool for you. But there is a glass ceiling on that type of business model. Hence the migration by so many to the "managed services". You need to charge for the value of the services you deliver, not the hours it takes to deliver it, then build processes that automate its delivery and reduce the time and cost you need to invest in support. If your pursuing this model without automation, your missing a huge opportunity.

If you need help using Kaseya as its intended, there are people that can help. Try these guys.