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Great for kids to learn programming concepts

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While Scratch is good as a starter animation platform, it falls short for teaching programming and for complex animations (like gravity simulations with multiple clones). It has a very limited feature set and the current Flash player and editor as unbearably laggy and finicky to work with.

If you are seriously considering learning how to program, but still want to start with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, check out the fork of Scratch (version 1.4) known as Snap!. It is far more powerful (first class procedures, first class lists, first class objects, first class continuations), includes all the same animation tools (and more), and runs way smoother.


Snap actually falls at the programming. While i kinda like it,it lies staight out of warp. warp just does what's put in there. and yet,the report block's even avilabe NOT for reporters. that Seems Striaght Stupid.