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Is physics all of science? No.

Comment by JohnFastman
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There's little doubt that scientists exist who will benefit from this distro. There should be absolutely no doubt that scientists exist who understand absolutely nothing about how this distro could help them. I'm one of them. It's hard then to accept that this is Scientific Linux. It's perhaps Linux For Some Physicists. Nothing against it; but it's a misleading name. It's as much a distro for all scientists as some physics is all of science. Is that a complaint? Yeah. Yeah it is.

I can anticipate a possible reply: all science reduces to fundamental physics. Yes, that's true. But I am a scientist who can do things physicists can't. Or could Feynmann have synthesized Taxol? QED, as he might say. ;-) (Or is the synthesis of Taxol not scientific? In which case, how very dare you!)


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