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Creating fonts is not easy — there are so many aspects to it. Scanahand makes the process a lot easier — if you can write neatly, then you can create a font. There is no need to learn about font metrics, glyph mappings, or side-bearings. You just have to learn how to fill in the template.

Those who are more artistic than technical will soon find it easy to create new fonts. A skilled artist could learn to do it in hours or even minutes instead of the days, weeks, or months it takes in a fully-fledged font editor.

You can use your regular drawing software, and automatically convert the outlines into a TrueType font. You could, of course, use a graphics tablet in your photo-editing software to fill in the Scanahand template.

The Standard Edition can adjust metrics and generate kerning pairs.
The Premium Edition can set the font style to Regular, Italic, Bold, or Bold Italic. It can also create custom templates to create large fonts with up to 65,000 glyphs.