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Probably the best Audio Player and Music Library in Linux

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As a Windows user for years, I always liked Winamp. Then its development got stuck and I found MusicBee as the best replacement.
Now in Linux, Rhythmbox can be enough for a lot of people but I find it a bit too basic for my tastes and has strange behaviors that can't seem to be adjustable through Preferences panel.
So the experience trying to find in Linux anything even close to those players from Windows has been a nightmare. Until now.

Note: this next part no longer applies. In 0.9.1 release, the crossfader feature has been added. I guess Sayonara lacks a couple minor features (cross-fade playing comes to my mind) but those features maybe could be perfectly done by plugins. However, the "plugins" option is on the menu but it does nothing. And I couldn't find any plugins repository in their website.

But overall it's very complete and functional out-of-the-box. I like the familiar and user-friendly interface.
The installation was a complete cakewalk. Just add repository, update, install (using Ubuntu 15.10 server, with Gnome desktop environment added after through "tasksel"). Full integration with Gnome notifications as well as tray icon through the "Topicons" extension. Media keys in my keyboard works well.

In conclusion, Sayonara Player is by far the best Audio Player and Music Library I've found for now in the Linux environment.

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The best

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After accidentally deleting some library in Xubuntu 16.04 x64 i cannot start Audacious player anymore, which i been loved for years because of it's speed and unclutered interface. Instead of searching how to solve a problem i decided to go another way - look up for another options. Then after trying some other players i decided change the way i'm listening music - i'd like to have file manager built-in the player for a quick music access and been searched players for that. Found a Exaile player, which is good but navigating between folders not was i'm looking for, also a bit slow on startup so i keep my searching and found Decibel Audio Player, which had nice folder management and also very lightweight (RAM usage ~50MB) but price for that is too simple interface and lack of options (besides of that i've had problems to install it because project seems abandoned now and requires some old libraries which causes problems today with other sofware). All in all, after trying ~15 Linux audio players i have found that Sayonara Player fits my needs most of all of them, because it have all i need and also very lightweight - music reaches my ears in the blink of the eye. Highly recommended piece of software, thanks and sayonara!


Very promising - combination of elegance and functions

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This is a very promising audio player. Still has bugs, but is already very nice in look & feel. I'm sure at version 1.0 it will be among the best audio players available.


Thank you :) I am happy about every bug report and feature request on http://code.google.com/p/sayonara-player/issues/list