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SauceLabs - Experiment

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Just tried SauceLabs to understand how can the team that I'm working on be more productive on the E2E tests.

I'm still amazed, I've demoed it to the team and it was a killer presentation, mostly by their features :

  • it's fully integrated into Protractor
  • you can define several machines to run your E2E tests (multiple OS & browsers)
  • You're able to track all the commands send to that remote selenium
  • You're able to see a playback of the browser actions
  • You're able to integrate it into Jenkins / Travis

Why would a company want to maintain VM's in order to have a complete E2E test suit against several OS / Browsers when they can leverage from this Service?
It's costly, that's the answer that I've received.. but the investment can be explained by the number of machines that you don't need to maintain.
Nevertheless i believe it's a great service and if the company that you're working on is willing to pay for this SAAS, seems to me a good investment.

One thing that they can improve is to have PhantomJS tests, that way i can keep a single report location :)


SauceLabs - powerful

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I am a novice in IT but I could tell its powerful. I need to upgrade my machine and my skills to realize its potential.


Sauce Lab is a saviour having every thing at one place.

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I was using the trial version of sauce lab which gave me 90 hours online time. It is a great experience working with such a tool.

  1. I just had to include some lines of code to make it work. Some connection related code and some capabitities related. Its not like i have done a lot of work and made it specially for sauce lab.

  2. I was able to give reports for my test cases in a very short time comparatively.

  3. All combinations that exists for browser, OS and selenium, i was able to try with successful results. And because of that option, bug tracking with certain combination was made easy.

  4. Team management feature was nice to have in such a tool. This made work easy.

  5. Small tweaks in my code helped me to manage my builds in sauce labs and other options(like recording and logging etc...) can be enabled or disabled using some small tweaks.

  6. I know there are many features out there in sauce labs which i am certainly going to work with in next couple of days.

I am surely going to give it the title of "saviour" be it effort or time.


Superb cloud support to accelerate our automation testing process

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We have around thousands of test cases in our regression suite. it's taking around 7-8h if we are executing in our local machine. We were seeking for the concurrency in test case execution.

In trial version after executing test on 8 parallel VMs it's now taking around 1h 20min to complete the execution of all the test cases.

Features that is very helpful.
-Command log
-Details dashboard
-Live video
-Video recording.

It will help us to accelerate our testing processes.


Good support of emulators with various mobile devices options for manual testing

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There was a requirement for the manual testing of mobile devices in our organization in a very effective way. I started exploring sauce labs and it is a fantastic tool. This tool supports both manual and automation testing. As soon as one logs in with their credentials timer starts which made me conscious for the first time as it was just for 10min without performing any test (Once you do any kind of testing there will be more than 50min) in free trail version. But no need to worry as support team always reply for each and every mail of yours.

Very effective and easy usage tool for manual testing. There no need of any complicated setup. Select the devices from the options and proceed by providing the url/ipa/apk that runs on the emulators

Note: If one is testing on ipadmini then ipad retina option is suitable

Disadvantages: Doesn't support pod devices and Motorola TC-55 (As these devices are used in our org)

Suggestion to the team: Needed more time in trial version to explore

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Cloud supporting is very good for running the scripts in the different machines!!

It is very easy for the automation people to use, instead of setting up our own grid. It provides us more machines to run the application. This feature is very useful.
The reporting dashboard is very use for analysis. Would like to use the Sauce labs for our project!!



The best experience available for cross-browser, cross-platform automated/WebDriver testing

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I have thankfully had the opportunity to work with various services (SauceLabs, BrowserStack, etc.) for cross-browser, cross-platform testing of both automated JavaScript unit tests as well as functional/E2E WebDriver testing. There are other players on the field (e.g. TestingBot) but I generally consider SauceLabs and BrowserStack to be the top services for this.

That said, when it comes to best overall experience, I strongly prefer SauceLabs. While some of the differences seem to be relatively minor, they give the consumer a much more premium feel.

For example, SauceLabs has long offered status badges and matrices for easy public display of your projects' status. These are especially common and beloved by open source projects but can also serve a valuable purpose for closed source (corporate, proprietary, private, etc.) projects to show in status emails, build reports, etc. Conversely, BrowserStack users have been requesting simple status badges (not even going so far as Sauce's detailed matrix "widget" images) for no less than 3 years but to no avail.

Another example is that SauceLabs also provides an "OnDemand" plugin for a number of popular build systems (e.g. Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, etc.) to enable even private Continuous Integration (CI) systems to achieve a richer integration with the service than is possible with other providers.

There are enough tools available today to get most of these services integrated into your testing without much time or effort, so I do not think that Sauce has a distinct advantage in that regard. However, it is still worth mentioning that it was indeed very quick and easy to integrate with Sauce from both my local developer machine and our CI systems.

While Sauce is not without its quirks, the only ones I've encountered have been relatively minor (e.g. some weirdness with getting correct [and synchronized] status results displayed for all entries in the matrix "widget" images).


Cross-browser and platform testing, parallel testing, and more!

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I have been testing SauceLabs for my current company and I am surprised of how easily I have got all my stuff working in SauceLabs. There is a lot of info and documentation on their site, but there is too a lot of info and examples in the Internet of so many people who are using it. This is always a +1 in my decision about a new technology.
I am using Protractor to run UI end-to-end tests againts a web. The tests are being executed on Travis with a Gulp task. It is so easy to get it working using gulp-protractor and sauce-connect-launcher, just a few lines to configure it!
Every time you run the tests, you get a detailed report of every run (on every platform you've choosen). There is also a video, which is really helpful when the test fail (specially on UI tests).
You can use SauceLabs to run tests in parallel too, consuming one VM per run. And you can use SauceLabs for manual testing in those platforms that you don't have already available in your company.
The only cons can be the price, depending on your budget availability. It is a little bit expensive, but it is also a powerful tool that can speed your regression, cross-browser and platform testing and will give you more ways of testing and finding bugs.
I am really hopeful to start using SauceLabs in my CI in a short time after the trial period!


Compatibility Testing with Sauce Lab

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I am in software testing field from past 6 years. I always had a challenge with compatibility testing. Need to finish with web on different browsers with versions first, then move to the specific browser like safari (Mac) to perform testing. Test on Mobile was again a challenge.
Sometimes devices may get available but again the specific OS with the specific device was the challenge.

Solution by Sauce Lab:

Here is the solution for compatibility problem. "Sauce Lab". Here Sauce Lab provides all possible browsers with all available versions of Mobile and Web.
-The advantage of sauce lab virtual device simulator / browser is, a user can perform the test on a simulator (iOS/ Android) and web side by side. So no need to switch between web and mobile.
-Very much time saving.

  • So much intuitive
    While performing the test, slowness was the problem what I was facing. Can understand, slowness because of the virtual device an all that, but if you guys can speed up a little bit would be a great experience.

Omkaar Deshpande


Sauce Labs Is Awesome!

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Sauce Labs is the most intriguing company I have ever ran into. I got recommended from a friend on a forums page and after that and signing up and trying Sauce Labs, I noticed that Sauce Labs was an amazing program/VPS. I used it to test my Weebly website on different PC's and browsers just to see how it looked like there. Overall, I think Sauce Labs pricing is worth the things that you get to do with Sauce Labs.

Thanks for the great experience Sauce Labs!

Rishikesh Desai



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So far so good. I removed the tunnel and allowed the standard ip range of saucelabs to connect to my test sites directly. this greatly improved speed. Still a few issues with speed, but overall pretty good.


My review about Sauce Labs

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I have tested many Cloud VPS Services but i didn't find a good service as what Sauce Labs provides, it really fast and simple to use, and it give a much time trial and the prices are cheap, but the best think that i loved in Sauce Labs is the Multi Operation systems available like Mac OS, Linux and Windows, with the ability to install programs and adds-on in your browser, and as i said before it very simple to use and no need to install any program or adds-on to use it, it just from your browser, so you can use it even from your Mobile or Tablet.


Check the SauceLabs Trial

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When I tried saucelabs resources, I have to say that i'm impressed because the service is really good and stable, I put 10 sessions for a couple of hours and all 10 pc service was stable, some VPS service in the market are good but expensive, saucelabs has good resources and cheap price and has a really good trial. check it.


  1. Good trial
  2. Install and uninstall apps
  3. Excellent bandwidth channel
  4. Automatic and manual sessions


  1. The sessions duration is about 3 hours.

Might be the best service out there

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I have tried many other similar services like this but this one is the best and with the 15 days trial you can test it yourself I couldn't find any flaw and I'm sure it's getting better over time + it's cheap 100/100 would recommend!