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Samepage as Basecamp alternative

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I previously tried to use Basecamp but found it cumbersome. When I started with Samepage, it became quickly apparent what a great Basecamp alternative it was. I could easily manage projects and meetings with my team.


Great for online collaboration

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I'm hooked. They're really into "contextual collaboration", which means you can add a lot of different things to a single page. I build websites and use it to work with my clients. I can use a page to show them mockups, share quotes, videos, pretty much anything, all on the same page. Way better than hunting through emails.

They also integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box, so if my clients already have a preference for any one of those file sharing platforms, Samepage can still include them on a page. Amazing. Wish I would have found this sooner.


Great collaboration tool

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I tested a dozen group collaboration tools from trello, asana hojoki, teambox etc. and this great application takes the cake with generous data storage up to 10 GB (500MB per user) and as many users as you want all for free. If you want to upgrade the prices are very very good. It even includes a versioning system and auto update on document change application Very flexible format. It's a must to check it out, if you want spaces to store documents, conversations, tasks in a group work environment. I use this to organise my not for profit meet up group.


I agree, this is a great tool, even if the new pricelist is not as generous with the free edition.