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SABnzbd is a free/open-source cross-platform binary newsreader written in Python. If you're looking for more info about SABnzbd like screenshots, reviews and comments you should visit our info page about it. Below you find the best alternatives.

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Alternatives to SABnzbd for Linux with any license

  • NZBGet

    Built for speed, works everywhere. NZBGet is written in C++ and designed with performance in mind to achieve maximum download speed by using very little system resources. Performance matters Unlike downloads from www or FTP the download from usenet requires quite a lot of computation work. NZBGet is optimized for performance and uses very little memory at the same time. Cross-platform NZBGet supports all platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

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  • HelloNzb

    HelloNzb - The Binary Usenet Tool With HelloNzb you can download (binary) files from Usenet servers via NZB index files. The software is based on Java and can thus run on many platforms (tested on Windows and Linux). Automatic archive verification via PAR2, automatic RAR archive extraction, built-in yEnc- and UU-decoding. Portable, no installation required.

    • good interface, easy use, stable Guest • Sep 2019 Disagree   Agree

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

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  • URD (Usenet Resource Downloader)

    URD is a program to identify, locate, and download binaries from usenet (newsgroups) through a web interface. It utilizes the spotnet protocol [Read Spotnet, Spotweb]. Similar to the spotweb client in nature for finding and identifying NZBs, URD additionally includes its own native download and unpacking engine, making it different from Spotweb. While some other programs offer similar services (e.g. Ninan, Sabnzbd), URD doesn't need external NZB files to function.

    Free Linux

  • Pan

    Pan is a newsreader, loosely based on Agent and Gravity, which attempts to be pleasant to use for new and advanced users alike. It has all the typical features found in newsreaders, and also supports offline reading, multiple connections, and a number of features for power users and alt.binaries fans.

    Free Open Source Windows Linux

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  • Leafnode

    Leafnode is a software package that implements a store & forward NNTP proxy (client and server) that supports TCP connections across IPv4 and IPv6. It can be used to give a regular newsreader offline functionality, merge news articles from several upstream newsservers for newsreaders that only support one server well and avoid duplicate news download for a small LAN with multiple users reading news. Leafnode is intended for use at home or in small offices.

    Free Open Source Linux BSD

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  • Kwooty

    Kwooty is a nzb binary grabber for KDE 4 that makes usenet downloading easy. Besides being multi-server support, it automatically verifies, repairs and extracts archive files downloaded from usenet.

    Free Open Source Linux

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  • LottaNZB

    Simple and automated Usenet downloader for Newzbin (NZB) files. LottaNZB features a refreshingly simple interface and fits perfectly into your GNOME Desktop. * Automation - Unless you think that verifying and extracting downloads by hand is fun. * Encryption (SSL) - Because what you download is none of other’s business. * Newzbin support - Be lazy and let LottaNZB download NZBs from for you.

    Free Open Source Linux

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  • Binreader

    Simple, no-nonsense NZB download manager. Cross-platform, runs everywhere. Handles RAR and PAR2 files automatically. Streams media files while you download. Supports SSL encryption and IPv6. Also supports the QNAP and Synology NAS storage appliances.

    • Discontinued Official website unavailable, download may be accessible through download sites.

    Free Mac Windows Linux

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  • Klibido

    * Automatic joining of multi-part posts * Automatic decoding of posts, using the uudeview library (yEnc supported) or an internal decoder * Multiple servers support, with priorities and fallback if an article fails on a server and is present on another server * Queue balancing: KLibido spreads the bytes load across servers with the same priority * Multiple download threads per server support, with the ability to add or remove threads "on the fly" * Gracefully...

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    Free Open Source Linux

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  • nzb

    NZB is a newsgroups binary download client, named after the NZB file standard. It natively downloads, decodes and even streams the files specified in the .nzb file, an XML format which describes binary files on Usenet by their message-id. libnzb provides developers with useful nzb processing functions.

    • Discontinued The project is no longer developed. Last version, 0.3, released in November 2012, can be still downloaded from SourceForge.

    Free Open Source Windows Linux BSD

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  • nnewz

    NNTP client written in C# (Mono). Support for download binary files and nzb file format.

    • Discontinued No activity since 2007.

    Free Open Source Linux

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  • DNews

    The DNews News Server is advanced news server software that makes it easy for you to provide users with fast access to Internet (Usenet) news groups. Installing your own local news server software also gives you complete control to create your own private or public discussion forums for enhanced communications across the organization and Internet. Advanced technology allows the DNews News Server Software to easily outperform traditional news server software.

    • Discontinued No longer in active development, but still available for sale.

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux BSD

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  • Ninan

    Java application with a web interface to download binary content from news servers.

    • Discontinued The project is not updated since 2010 and the official website is no longer available. Last version, 2.1.0, released in June 2010, can be still downloaded from SourceForge.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted

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