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S.S.E. File Encryptor Reviews

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I have been using the android version first and I was very pleased when I installed the PC version. Encrypted files are compatibles, never had any issue with S.S.E. There is no shell for it in Windows Explorer menu but you just have to open SSE, first type a password and then drag and drop folders or files you want. If you need to encrypt files with a different password, close S.S.E, reopen, type another password and encrypt other files. Then, you may send any encrypted file from your phone to your PC and vice versa by various ways, noting that bluetooth may refuse the encrypted files (.enc) so you need to add the fake extension .zip (for example) just for the transfer.
The .enc files may be moved anywhere on the disks, they are not tied to a folder neither a device.
And the windows version (SSEFileGUI_Windows) is just about 826 kb !
I use also Veracrypt and EncFSMP but SSE is so easy and efficient that I use it more and more.