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this tools is usefully to replace teamviewer, in free edition is permitted to commercial use, i love it much ..


Awesome Program

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I used to use Teamviewer for my remote management needs, but their business plan is just too expensive for my budget. I might have done it if it was a one time purchase but unfortunately, everytime there is a new major version, you have to pay again for a new license. Additionally, you would have to pay a premium for mobile support. (I don't need mobile support but I thought I would mention it anyways.)

Remote Utilities is an objectively better program over TeamViewer. They have just as many security features Teamviewer has and more features than Teamviewer has (on par with LogMeIn PRO.) Just to name a few, you can get previews of each screen in the Viewer, view only mode, start file transfers and modify the registry, control power (shut down/restart/standby/hibernate, Monitor on/off/standby), command line access, task manager, screen recording via scheduled screenshots, and remote execution and installation. All of these features are fully remote and won't effect the user, even if they are currently using the computer. In other words, you can go in and make changes without having to disturb the user's workflow. You can also turn on the remote computer's camera and microphone. (This informs the user with a large translucent and click through message in the top right. It cannot be closed or hidden. (Trust me, I've tried.))

They have a self hosted server you can download so you don't have to rely on their servers. So if, for example, their company goes under, you can still use this program. (Though I wouldn't especially if a security bug was found.) It also features address book synchronization. The self hosted server reduces latency. Additionally, they have a Quick Support Agent that lets you quickly deploy the Host program to the user's computer. You can even customize the Agent and Host's settings, like assigning it a preset password and setting up security features.

They have a mobile app which lets you connect to Hosts and Agents from your mobile device. In a few months, they plan to update it to add address book view only mode, and control power functionality. Unfortunately no Host app for mobile devices, but they do plan to work on it, just not anytime soon.

It's an IT Admin's dream. All of the features mentioned above are available in the free version. The free version is limited to 10 computers in your address book. Their pricing is much cheaper depending on what kind of license you need. Per Customer is $30 per computer and per technician (operator) is $499 (price of 17 computers). If you cannot afford it, then you can always keep an external database so you never hit the 10 computer limit.

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Been using this tool for 2 years now, to connect to systems continents away. Mainly because it allows 6 commercially used connections for free. Remote Utilities resolved all problems with slow connections in the last version. I really like this software. Only thing missing is a Linux version.
PS: I am writing this from Germany while updating a system in a little town in New Zealand via Remote Utilities.


Helped me a lot in the past

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As a Desktop PC user, I had a lot of troubles at the computer science college I was going because I was the only one in my entire year without a laptop PC, and I lacked portability, but because the internet is good around these parts I had to adapt with something like a remote desktop client, and this helped me work my laboratories, present my thesis and take my practical exams while my home desktop was running and I was accessing it from a distance.