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Both **RuneAudio** & **Volumio **suffer from lack ...

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Proper, technical & non-technical documentation will drive adoption for this

Both RuneAudio & Volumio suffer from lack of adequate non-technical documentation. I've managed to get one of these working after hours of trying various stuff & suggestions found online, which is probably why it still constitutes a serious barrier to most people adopting them.

One shouldn't have any grasp of Linux, or understanding of how to get Pi to identify on the LAN with a domain-name, or daemon programs or - you name it - if these music servers are ever to break the technical barrier of wide-scale user adoption.

What I wanted to see directly in the documentation pages for both RuneAudio & Volumio was something like this:

  1. Download image (+ details & screenshots)
  2. Flash card (+ details & screenshots)
  3. Hardware setup (+ details & screenshots)
  4. Starting up - what should the user see & screenshots; if not, proceed to Troubleshooting
  5. Troubleshooting (screenshots & details for the most common types of hardware, emphasis on ARM)
    1. Common issues (and links to the forums, StackExchange etc. where those issues were sorted out)

Instead, I found myself in the position where I had to start searching for stuff like "volumio can't access local address", "runeaudio.local address not found", "volumio can't access ui" etc. Basically the most generic stuff that took me hours to sort through and get to the bottom of an issue that seems quite common for these systems.

Surely a step-by-step instruction could be offerred to save the users that time and frustration.

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