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Bootstrap Rukovoditel delivers cost effective (free) project management.

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With very little coding experience, Rukovoditel gave my small internet business the tools to help deliver a complete online project management solution customized to our needs. If you have your own or shared server with minimum features like MySQL database, PHP, Apache Server you can have your very own web application using Rukovoditel up and running quickly and easy like I did.

I found creating customized new entities a breeze using Rukovoditel. I just linked them to my installed entities and away I went. Rukovoditel let's me create any necessary fields, views and reports to capture and display any data I need. If I need to import or export any data Rukovoditel gives me the tools to do so.

Another thing I like about Rukovoditel is that I can configure access to any part of my application. Whether it is a separate field or an entity, Rukovoditel lets only those I choose to view and manipulate the data.

Rukovoditel with Bootstrap was the answer I was looking for when I needed a responsive design for today's mobile devices. Plus being Opensource (Free Software) I did not need to spend any money on software developing my application with Rukovoditel.

I would recommend Rukovoditel to anybody who needs to build customized applications on the web.

Best Regards - Adriaan


Rukovoditel in research area

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Rukovoditel is open source web-based project management software. we choose it, in "Research Lab", to enhance our productivity and for achieving easily our goals in research area as:

  • Defining our future research projects
  • Paper writing workflow process management.
  • Assigning Tasks to membres of a team
  • Consulting progress.
  • etc

Rukovoditel has a dense list of features that help us to improve our efficiency :

Users Managment :

  • You can easily view and add users by filling a simple form window;
  • Permissions are easy to set (Access Group);
  • Also you can set some other stuff like a photo, Email, Skin ...

Project Management :

  • You can view all your projects and access them by simple click on the link.
  • Adding project is awsoeme : you can specify the project info and assign the project to a specific team.
  • Tasks, tickets and priorities management, etc.

Costumazation :

  • All features above and others not cited here are easy costumazable.

Exentions :

  • You can add plugins to Rukovoditel for advance repporting features.
  • For the professionnals "Rukovoditel is OpenSource!"

Try it is awesome.


Finally! A Modern, Open Source PMS

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For years I have used dotProject to handle project management for my small team of 5. I've tried many others such as Wrike, PHPCollab, etc. But none of them did the few simple things I needed them to do - Projects, Tasks, Bug Reports, allow assigning to more than 1 staff member, and be based on a modern interface that can work on all devices. Not only that but I have control of all the Status and Priority values!

I am thrilled to have found Rukovoditel!!


Best Universal Project Management System out on the web!

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There are a lot of Project Management Systems out on the web. But the Cons is that most of the good systems, usually costs a lot of money. On the other hand there are a exstremly powerful project management system named "Rukovoditel". The best thing about "Rukovoditel" is that it is open source, and yet so powerful.


-Easy Manageable
-A Ton of Features
-Oppertunity to make your own unique system
-LDAP Included
-Translated to the most used languages

-Outdated Design

Other than that "Rukovoditel" is the far best open source Project Management Tool out on the web. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. Keep up the good work Rukovoditel!

Best Regards


Best web-based Collaboration and Project Management Tool for small and medium size virtual teams

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We are a distributed team in the IT consulting industry and were looking for a lightweight, and instantly usable web-based application enabling all team members to share information and assign tasks among each other.

While researching we came across Rukovoditel and are more than happy with this solution. Installation on a shared server with minimum features (like MySQL database, PHP, Apache-Server) is possible and very easy.

Rukovoditel has multilanguage capabilities and the system language can be assigned to every single user as an individual configuration. It is possible to create usergroups with individual access (content viewing as well as editing) rights.

Definitely, the best part about Rukovoditel is the ability to extend the standard application by adding new entities and linking them to existing ones. Generally all entities and fields are customizable, also the entities which come with the standard installation. Thus, the application is customizable from top to bottom.

Rukovoditel offers highly configurable reporting capabilities including Excel and PDF export. The reports can be used as dashboard elements or menu entries. Again the dashboard is individual to each user profile.

The customization and configuration, which can easily be managed by any person with a fair knowledge of database structures, is working very smoothly and without errors. The User Interface is very intuitive to use.

The technology used is futureproof, it uses on the data side php, ajax, mysql, and on the design side bootstrap, jquery and css.

The programing of this application (almost framework) is well structured and close to flawless.

We can highly recommend this application to small and medium size project teams of any business background.

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Rukovoditel [UPMS] Universal Project Management System

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I have looked at several project management systems and Rukovoditel UPMS is by far the easiest to:

  • configure
  • navigate
  • use with LDAP
  • customize to your own specific needs
  • expand as needs grow
    Most of the others that I tried were either way to complicated to configure or use, or not customizable to suit my needs. As for initial installation and configuration, it was extremely easy! I would highly recommend Rukovoditel UPMS to anyone who needs to be able to create, update, track and report on projects, expand their projects via individualized tasks, and track the success and/or maintenance requirements of their projects via trouble-tickets!
    Very impressive coding!


James Salinas
Director of Information Technologies
Inguran, LLC dba Sexing Technologies


Great Project Manager for any kind of business

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I want to write a review too because i think this tool has deserved it.
Rukovoditel is the optimium tool for any kind of business you use.
I am using it for my business in managing my customers nad prjects.
There are a lot of tasks and some clinets have access to my Rukovoditel Tool.
Thank to the user rights system of Rukovoditel i can control any view, edit right of users.
Its great and a time saving tool. Dont want to miss it.



Very good Project Manager Rukovoditel

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I would like to write some experience i made with Rukovoditel.
The Rukovoditel Project Manager is an excellent tool for business man, who want to have complete control over their own Mangement System. You can configure and view everything in the tools section.
Installation is pretty easy and user friendly. In a few minutes Rukovoditel is ready to use.
I really like the Design of Rukovoditel.



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Best Open Source Project Management Web App

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I spent a lot of time on internet to find the best suitable solution to my company without success, so we decided to do it by ourself until I found Rukovoditel which is exactly what we're looking for with everything you need about PM and with the wonderful extra-fields feature.


Efficient and User Friendly Solution

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An Open Source application which caters to most of the verticals. Very User Friendly, easy to customize and adapt to solution and above all team of developers who are open and entertain valued feed backs only with a mission to enhance the product.