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It's the only free RDP session manager for MacOS out there, and it's really good. It's simple to setup. And perfectly fits into MacOS ecosystem.
The free version is limited in the number of hosts configuration one can save. However, I use templates and a quick connect button to manage the whole environment.
And this is the thing I like the most. I just configured a template for RDP with SSH tunnel settings and that's it. I just paste a host name into quick connect field and I'm in. No need to bother and spend time managing all the folder structure etc.
The fact that the software can be bought once and used forever is a really rare nowadays.
The windows version looks more bloated than MacOS thou. And that is a pity. I would love to have the same interface on both OSes.

P.S. The name "Royal TSX" sounds like a name for an overloaded application but in reality, it is really slim and snappy.


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This is the best SSH manager app for MacOS especially but for windows also ! And it can store other things like winscp, rdp....


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  • Free for 10 connections
  • Native DPI scaling. If you use a monitor with 1920x1080 resolution, the fonts and GUI will be tiny. Royal TSX allows you set the native DPI remotely, something that Microsoft's Remote Desktop for Mac cannot do.
  • Can do either OSX native fullscreen or tabbed windows.


  • The initial setup is a little confusing because you need do install a plugin, create a "document" (more like a folder), and tweak some properties. (But once you have it setup, you just double click to connect).

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Can access everything from Remote Desktop to Vmware or custom website from the same interface