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unintuitive to new players, fortunately there are lots of tutorials out there. unfortunately the inability to add custom items to a virtual compendium is crippling the game. this feature has been requested multiple times for well over a year now, the devs are uninterested in adding due to security/copyright risks (despite this needing be no more security than any other custom feature they have added such as custom creatures for example)

the lack of ease of use for new players and the lack of ability to add custom content (items) for veteran players sadly makes roll20 a poor choice for either. if you have the time to learn how to use it and do not wish to make an overly homebrew game then roll20 might be for you. lots of very powerful features are locked behind and API paywall, which if you are a regular player is well worth it.

the devs do seem to be developing it so all this could change; development or not if the devs still refuse to add the ability to easily produce and publish custom content to players, it will eventually, fall to competitors offering this feature.

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It's a solid tabletop and the encounter map making tool works.
There are some annoying QOL issues, like standard token settings not applying in some circumstances.
However, when my DnD group plays on Roll20, it doesn't get in the way and even helps newer players get over the barrier of entry that the game can have.