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Not recommended

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no windows 10 support anymore


Just perfect for someone seeking a simple docking station.. if it works.

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By this time I found out Objectdock can be the best FREE (trust me) alternative to Rocketdock. If you want to know more, visit the Objectdock Alternative.to review page and read what I wrote there.

I have managed to make it stable on my laptop (Windows 10), but on my main PC (Windows 7), it keeps failing after so many days.

First of all let's get one thing out of the way. Even if it has been almost a decade that it has been abandoned and even if it does not support new operating systems, that means nothing. It works in 7,8,10 and both on 32 and 64 bit.

With that said, I believe even up to today this is the best free dock. Honestly there are not that many free docking solutions, but still can't help but calling it best. Even if you get a paid one, you will at many times feel that they are just Rocketdock, with just added features. Features that I personally do not use not care to use for sure. All I want is my dock, placing some key shortcuts on it and even more importantly, placing sub docks.

Now if you do not care for subdocks, I suggest you leave here and go and get the free version of Winstep Nexus. It is a much more refined version of Rocketdock with themes, that make it look much better. But that is ONLY if you do not care for subdocks.

Rocketdock has Stacks Docklet v1 and v2, which are the two subdocks you can get. The v1 is supposed to be totally stable and perfect, which v2 has some problems. I always go for v2, because v1 has small icons, which do not look appealing to me, especially when icons nowadays are all 256x. If you though want to use v2, you will probably run into some problems, with most usual being Rocketdock not saving the changes you do to the Stacks subdocks or even worse, the whole Rocketdock becomes unable to startup, giving you the option to reset everything to their default state.

As I was looking for solutions, I went to the folder of Rocketdock and saw it was marked as Read Only. Unticking it and applying for all, actually saved me from the headache of having to remake everything every time I restarted my PC. There is though a more technical solution shared in the Rocketdock addon comments, which is the following quote.

pengcheng sun (July 3, 2016):

Stacks gone after restart? Here's the solution folks:

Log in as admin to have the administrative rights.

  1. Navigate to the RocketDock folder under program files...C/Program Files/RocketDock.
  2. Right click on the RocketDock folder, and select properties, click the security tab at the top.
  3. You should see a list of groups and user names of your pc, click edit...
  4. Click on your user name..should be called "Users(your name)"
  5. Check the box underneath to give yourself "Full Control", click Ok, Ok..
  6. Done, your user account now has full permission to this folder...try it close the application or restart and you settings should be saved.

Even if it is a bit glitchy and gives some problems, considering there is no better free solution out there, I think it is worth to go the extra mile to make it work. It will be a one time headache and after it works, you will just enjoy it till the end of time!... or until you have to remove or reinstall it.

A quick addition to prevent problems. Rocketdock does not like loading fast on Windows start up. If it loads too fast, there is a chance it will crash and after that, you will lose ALL your editing to it, as it will restore back to it's default state.

You can either make sure to keep the option of it starting with Windows off, or change it so it is delayed. You can google how to delay programs at startup, but personally I use Glary Tools for startup editing. You can easily right click on the Rocketdock and delay it a minute.

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x64 Suuport

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Still no x64 support for this program, which prevents me from using it on any of my computers


I have RockectDock working 100% with windows 7 64bit. :-o

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See, I never get this. Rocket Dock was a pretty good dock/launcher/widget-thingy. 2008 right? That's 12 fcing years ago! Why not just open source the thing? Toss it to the community. Then some green coders can sharpen (or badly blunt, I suppose ??) their skills, and _everyone _could be better for it.

I know how much work goes into software, right? I guess it just bums me out to see this happen, and it happens _way _too much now. Go look through the system utilities you have used for years on Windows. The ones that _aren't _ flagged as discontinued have last updates in 2014 sometimes! ??

It does, it bums me out that these codebases are just sitting around collecting dust (and data corruption, had we not RAID'd the entire planet a few years ago ??). 12 years since the last push? This was good software. It was clean, efficient, not too greedy ( ?electron? ???? ), and stable.

Whomever developed it, you already have my money—have for years—it really was great software! Should you read this (?????) : push it to GitHub. Why not? 12 years?!?

So, I say to you, ?? to ??: "?????, but also ?????—and in conclusion, ?????.

I rest my ??,


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Becausde is still the better dock for windows. Period.