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Rocket Chat has tons of great features - its the closest comparison to Slack (re: UI and feature set) yet is open source (MIT License, which means you can use it for anything and do anything to change the way it looks and works).

Uniquely, it has a role-permissions interface to custom configure who on your team can see and do what plus it also has a built-in livechat feature (something you'd typically pay extra for, and as much as $25/agent, on other hosted platforms.) Chats can be private as 1-on-1 or with specific groups of people, or in public (i.e. available to all logged in members) channels and in each you can audio/video conference, upload/download and view files, post your location, record a quick audio or video message directly and more.

For most companies/organizations, RocketChat provides more than enough functionality and its dead easy to use once you have it setup and running on your server - which is its achilles' heel as not everyone wants to setup and maintain their own server. However there is now a cloud hosted SaaS platform which gets RocketChat up and running without any servers or code called RocketChatLauncher ( ) that is headache-free and simple to sign up for.