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I just needed to let you know that the authors of this program apparently feel the need to MISREPRESENT this product: In multiple places they represent that the product was updated recently, but actually their last touch upon the product was in early 2014 -- easily verified by the dates that Version 7 was displayed on Shareware Websites.


It looks like they have updated the data on their website recently as follows:
November 11, 2018
RoboTask 7.3 has been released!

[+] Feature added
[-] Bug fixed
[*] Modified or improved

RoboTask 7.3

  • New action “STR Length”
  • New action “Excel Run Macro”
  • New system variables: FileCreateTime, FileLastAccessTime
  • New action “SSL FTP Check file”
  • New action “SFTP Check file”
  • Task Editor: added “Show Global Variables” function from task editor directly.
  • Added filter of global variables into Variables dialog
  • Added export/import global variables for remote RoboTask
  • Changed “POP3 Open” action. Added SSL/TLS flags
  • Changed “IMAP Open” action. Added SSL/TLS flags
  • “Get File Metadata” action editor. You can see all non-empty properties for specified file.
  • Many other optimizations, improvements and bug fixes.