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How to fix “Cannot copy file. The Parameter Is Incorrect” error

Had a head-scratcher today whilst migrating some data from a 500GB External USB HDD to a new 1TB External USB HDD, both attached to a client server.
Some of the data refused to copy across, throwing up a “Cannot copy file. The Parameter Is Incorrect Error” each time. Same error when the copy was attempted in DOS, RoboCopy or XCOPY.
Upon investigation, each of the problematic files were 10GB+ in size – and suddenly the realization dawned – that the new external HDD was formatted as FAT32 and not NTFS, and thus suffered from FAT32’s 4GB file limit.
A quick format to NTFS on the drive, and I was able to copy those large files across without issue.
Obviously, I have become so used to working with large files nowadays that sometimes I forget things weren’t always this way!


As a choice on Windows, FAT32 has lost its reason to exist mainly because of file size limitations (as specified) but also because it can no longer format big mechanical drives, and in a few years it will also be unable to format big SSD's as well. That is, without limiting their intended storage volume. Technically, FAT32 is "safe" only on volumes up to 4G, which excludes any modern mechanical drive or SSD, and most of the USB sticks as they have 8 or 16 Gigs easily, these days. The only reason left to use FAT32 is because NTFS lacks compatibility with Linux and Apple.

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We were using Robocopy for quite sometime. But it has many bugs such as it doesn't copy open/locked files. So we started using GS Rich Copy and have been quite happy so far


It actually is intended behavior not to copy open or locked files. Check this out what locking implies on a Windows system: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_locking - If the copy function (in this case part of a backup process) respects the status assigned to such files by the operating system itself, it would acknowledge that ignoring this may lead to many issues, as described in the Wiki document. It is a protection system, and when you override it, you should know what you are doing. I hope the other software takes that into account. But frankly spoken, the copy function never knows how the source files are being used, so I'm not sure how that software would. Their site says : " there always seems to be files in use". Well, that is because some are in use. As stated: if you know what you are doing ...

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Robocopy was my best way to copy and transfer files from a server to another but when w faced problems like long file bath that robocopy can not handle, a friend recommend me Gs Richcooy 360 , really his program solved the problem and it still my main copy tool .