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This game is the worst game I have ever seen! At first back in 2010 around then this game used to be decent, but now it is completely ruined, and the people who run it are greedier than ever. You can't do anything in this game without spending alot of money, everything is overpriced, peoples accounts are deleted for no reason, like there was this game that was good, it was Robloxia's Best Prison, the person who created it didn't copy anyone else and was original, and they deleted his account for no reason. Also if you disagree with them they ban you for a long time, and if you continue trying to get your rights back they will delete your account permanently and you will never get it back, and all the money you spent will be gone forever! Thats what happened to my friends account, like_clockwork, for proof go to this page and look for a user called like_clockwork and you will see his name grayed out and unclickable, !/friends , this game doesn't deserve a single star because of deleting peoples accounts even after they spent all their time and money, and creativity, its just not worth playing this game. Even if your accounts not deleted, its still a Corporate Tyranny a game revolved about stealing your time, money and deleting your creations for eternity. Please do not play this game, consider the alternatives like Minecraft, Brick Planet or RBXLegacy. Minecraft is a good alternative you should play Modded servers its fun, or Garrys mod or something. RBXLegacy is almost exactly like roblox but you host the servers, and not many servers out there unfortunately, but the best alternative I would reccomend when they are not in Alpha anymore is Brick Planet, they are actively on making the best alternative to roblox so when they are finished meet me there. Thanks for reading this review I know its long lol. :-)


Reply to: "This game is the worst game I have ever seen!". Not Hong Kong 97, Crazy Bus, Superman 64, Hotel Mario? These games are definitely worse than Roblox

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Very hard to say why I don't like it.

I just think the only thing that makes it half good is the games people make, but the game itself... Like, I know it's all about the games people make, but just how the game is made, how long it takes for you to respawn when you die, and others, make it harder to actually enjoy the awesome creations people make. That's just what I think.

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It is social and fun to play with friends, it is a good multiplayer game too! And you can build :D

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I actually hate you cant get free robux when you watch ads. Its annoying. But great game tho.