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I have the paid version and I am very happy. It takes printscreen every X seconds (you define) and stores the typed words. It's very good because sometimes we forget something that we know was on the screen (location of a file, website that we use in the anonymous window) and see the programs images or saved texts can help a lot. I know it was not meant for this, I also use it to make an evaluation of the time spent with each task because I can analyze all the printscrens and define whether the time was spent positively or not, besides having easy to create a list of "What I did today."

The program is password protected and it is easy to locate the files by date, in addition it exports ALL in HTML and image (JPG or PNG, depending on how you set the screen capture).


I came back to analyze in more detail because of the longer usage time. I have it on two computers. In one it works perfectly and I called it months ago. Always have the keys typed and in which program it was typed. The printsscreens are all perfect there. I set a PNG every second and it prints only if there is interaction with the mouse or keyboard which saves some MBs, but it can cause some detail to be lost on the screen, but it is rare.
On the other PC, my main one for daily use, I have some problems because I open it manually and set printscreens but it doesn't always start taking. It has stopped a few times I don't know why. The recording of the keys never stopped, but of screens it locks with a certain frequency. The programmed use to start with the login is more reliable. I highly recommend that you turn off the capture while browsing it (in the program itself) because analyzing the images with it active crashes a lot. Anyway, I had a few stresses due to the error in the recording but the balance is very positive as it has already saved me from some important losses. For example, if you forget to save a document, a lot of things will be recorded in it and with the images, just use an OCR to recover everything. It has already helped me find files because I name it like an idiot and sometimes I lose it somewhere on the PC. Indexing would take much longer. That's it, I decided to explain a lot because it is a very sensitive program. I don't get anything for it and I'm just a fan of the alternativeto site, I even have other reviews out there if you want to see my profile.