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Regarding the first post, I contacted the owner and this was his reply:
Ravi Patel @me
"It was 3 years ago. Right Click Enhancer Free version used to have ads in the installer. I removed it then and released the Professional version to support my development efforts. Now there is no adware in installer for both Free and Professional version."
Link: http://www.bitsdujour.com/software/right-click-enhancer-professional#comments126646

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While I was installing this, it automatically requested connection to the Internet. Don't! It's NOT doing a legitimate connection like looking for an updated version, it was going to another website.
My firewall alerted me, and I did not block it.

BUT, my antivirus/firewall blocked a download request from a site, something like "www.cojulyfastdl.com..." (??)

(Another program does this on install, I'm NOT SURE no, but I THINK it was Find and Run Robot... "www.mickeyfastdl.com..." (?) again, not sure anymore if this was it)