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An amazing product at a very reasonable price point.

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Pros: Ease of set-up and user friendly. The customer support available is phenomenal - immediate help when needed, no need to answer a bunch of prompts as you actually get to speak to someone!

Cons: Occasional difficulty with those trying to join our meeting. NOTE: this is most often an issue on our end, not on the part of the product.

Overall: My group meetings are now able to connect representatives that are unable to travel to meetings. We see them on the screen and they see those at the meeting table --- it is almost like having them at the table. Audio is also heard both ways. This has added great value to the meetings, and to my business. This is state-of-the-art for this industry.


The best, most cost effective solution money can buy!

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Pros: I have used this appliance in two agencies I have worked in. As a matter of fact, I have assisted in purchasing it in each of them. When comparing the cost to the alternative vendors, there was no comparison. One of the biggest reasons I moved to this solution is the ability to download the client to a computer without the need for administrative credentials, as our users do not have those rights.

From an IT point of view, we love the ability to connect to computers outside our network, without the users needing admin rights, and then be able to elevate TurboMeeting in the session, without user assistance other than clicking a single button. Then there is an option to reboot the remote PC into safe mode, with networking support, and auto reconnects once in safe mode!!!

Also, the ability to use LDAP domain authentication is very handy in our large organization.

Other solutions we have used have required reconnecting the session after network changes have been made. For example, when we troubleshoot VPN sessions, once connected to the VPN we have previously had to reconnect after the user attaches to a VPN session. TurboMeeting/RHUB appliances seem automatically detect there is a change in the network connection and attaches to the session.

Overall, we LOVE this appliance for ALL of its functionality.

Cons: There have been times I have had to wait for fixes to the firmware in order for our environment to work correctly. But there are two sides to that scenario... because of their great customer support, it didn't take a year for these kinds of fixes to take place. As soon as I brought up the problems, they began working on them. That is the kind of company this is.

I have also had to reboot the appliance a few times, due to no response on the network. But no more often than once every 2 to 3 months.

I would like to see LDAP Security and Authentication built out to allow for nested group membership, and Admin rights added to LDAP groups (rather than local users on the device only)

Overall: Freedom to remotely access in every way necessary (video, remote control, webinar, etc.) while maintaining on-premise security


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TurboMeeting is very easy to use for our in-house support staff, our external contractors, and our customers. In the rare situations where we need support, our rep and his team have always been quick to respond and very helpful in providing guidance and resolutions. The yearly cost of this technology is minimal compared to the excellent reliability, usability and support!

We are generally very happy with the product. Occasionally we'll run into a snag if the customer/user who we are connected to is not an Administrator on the computer, but we can verbally guide them through necessary steps while observing their desktop.

Ease of use. Reliability. Great support from R*Hub!


Problem free for 7 years.

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Does what it needs to do (web conferencing, HD video conference, Remote Support, Remote Access

  • I like the simplicity of the user interface and administration
  • Maintenance Free
  • Used the TM250 for 7 trouble-free years
  • Push Updates from RHUB
  • More cost effective than Webex

Some might say the UI is a bit crude but it does work for me.
We just upgraded to a TMA - 20. When I got the package, my first reaction was "Did they send me the right hardware?" The package was small and light. When I opened it, it was smaller in Length and Width of an iPhone 7. Our old unit was a TM-250 which was the size of a Zotac micro-computer. Can't believe something this small can be an improvement over what we currently have. This isn't a "con" but more of a feedback. If it works as well as our old one with the new footprint then that is amazing.

Our users use this daily internally with our own employees and externally with clients. The only problem I ever had with this product is running out of licenses. This product is instrumental in providing web based conferencing functionality and in making our teams more productive.


Solid product with a great price point

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For less cost than just about every competitor, I get as many or more features than all of the others.

The product works very well and it's platform agnostic abilities allow anyone to use it effectively and efficiently.

When I've wanted a feature modified, their engineering team has always tried to implement it in a reasonable amount of time.

"Top shelf" communications product that gives me everything I need.


Have been using the product for a number of years and it is a great tool for remote support

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There are no monthly fees. It is simple to setup and start using. The support team, is quick to respond, though I rarely need support.
No real cons from my perspective. It does what I need which is provide remote PC and mac support to my customers. Good product


I love this product.

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Pros: Value for money / Security, we have full control over the appliance, easy maintenance, we are rarely calling Turbo Meeting support.

Cons: Sometimes we face problems with voice quality during sessions, especially long distance customers.
Also, we are facing problem from Mac system.