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The only software I've used so...

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The only software of its kind I've used so far that "just works."

The downside is that it isn't free and perhaps not as flexible as some alternatives, but it does everything it says, is clear and easy to use, and more importantly for me has worked with every device and piece of software I've thrown at it.


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Pointless waste of $20USD.

This program is:

  • cut apart to nickel & dime you
  • badly made
  • unstable
  • obsolete post-steam
  • $20USD
  • redundant
  • sold by virus peddlers at Daemon

0/10 this app is absolute trashware. Avoid. All functions and more can be done with Steam for free.


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If you want free, look elsewhere. This costs money.

The software itself is absolutely GREAT.

It worked for about a week for me, then asked me for a license key.
They want 6 bucks. Not a lot of money, but still about 6 dollars more than I would pay for software that does a heck of a lot less than many other free applications.