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**Evaluation of data privacy policy at Revolut: **``

Here's an example of how we use your personal information for marketing``

If you are a Revolut customer, we may contact you about optional extras or promotional offers. We may use information we gather about you through your use of our services to tailor these offers to you.``

-> app requests access to contact book, location, browsing history, …``

-> access via privacy-preserving Tor browser to Revolut web site blocked``

-> for a person using Revolut for a predominant part of his/her financial transaction, the collected information provide a very detailed personal profile of interests, likes, and purchase decisions.``

-> the phone number allows extremely targeted marketing calls with suggestions about “your friend also bought ...”``

=> interesting and modern payment system, missing a payable and verifyable opt-out of data collection scheme (current ‘Premium’ account generously offers for instance customized credit card design, ...)

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Good rates and great usability. Very user friendly security features.