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I just downloaded this and fiddled arond with it for 15 minutes, but I'm already impressed! The interface (the "Big Picture" one, I think it was called) is a beauty to look at. It reminds me of a PS4-style menu...I think. I don't own one, heh, but I see my roommate play on his every so often. Aside from that, if you prefer an old-fashioned interface, Retroarch offers that, too.

I just did a scouring of the options, and there's a wealth of them. One option that caught my eye was the "netplay". I just started getting into running my own server, so this sounds promising.

Per the Retroarch website it is just a front end so you will need to download specific "cores" to run a certain game that you want. However, Retroarch makes finding the core that you want easy; it provides a catalog of lots of cores to download and install.

There's more to this piece of software that I would like to learn about, but Retroarch has already left a strong first impression on me. I'm not sure why I didn't download this sooner!


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Retro Arch is easy to use, has a nice interface, allows you to play a lot of games on different platforms and automatically configures a controller so you can play with it.I really recommend it.