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its pretty good - in the last version

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I dislike that retext has quite a messy UI, no formatting buttons for markdown.
The built-in previewer can render contents quite weirdly and the default CSS theme for webkit previewer is ugly. But if you grab a github css, throw it inside retext config folder and add it in the configuration dialog, then it works.

The editor itself is pretty strict to standard compliance (which is actually good) and you really want to get the LATEST release, because finally the webkit previewer can follow the focus. Zoom buttons in webkit preview would also be nice. You can zoom in built-in previewer with mouse wheel, but ... dang its render is ugly. :X

The editor has translated UI and responds quite quickly in textedit box. Being built on Qt, it also integrates very well in your environment.

But I personally prefer ghostwriter, since I discovered it also to feature live preview.

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Simple, customisable, syntax formatting and live preview.