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duply & duplicity fan here.
I must admit, that the restic VERY good tool (better in my opinion then borg, and a little bit better then duplicity). It's doing really fast backups, really effective space consuming. Restoring pretty easy too.

The problem over the tool, why I set just 4 stars, that entry point very hard.

But with something like the code below, you can minimize headache.

Script: (bash): https://paste.ee/p/etJXh

Just add your own parameters, and own paths, and the script will work fine for you.


Please include the code into your review, for it to be really helpful to users of AlternativeTo.net

Thank you.

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Very secure backup. Works quite well and fast. I use it for local backup, nothing fancy. Don't have GUI only from the console, but is very easy to use. Basically you need 3 commands backup, snapshots (list backups) and forget/prune (delete) ok 4 commands, one more to restore :)

Super quick tutorial
Preparing a new repository, it create an encrypted backup folder in Restic. Here is were everything goes.

restic init --repo /d/backup-restic

Backing up
restic -r REPOSITORY --verbose backup MY-FILES
restic -r /d/backup-restic --verbose backup /c/App/config/

Listing all snapshots
restic -r /d/backup-restic snapshots

Restoring from a snapshot
restic -r /d/backup-restic restore ef8e1d91 --target /d/books_restore

Remove a single snapshot
restic -r /d/backup-restic forget bdbd3439 --prune

Check the repository for errors (Run regularly) It is advisable to run restic check after pruning.
restic -r /d/backup-restic check

Remove old cache
restic -r /d/backup-restic cache --cleanup

Remove unneeded data from the repository
restic -r /d/backup-restic prune

To avoid asking for the password or the repository (Optional)
export RESTIC_REPOSITORY="/d/backup-restic"

From now on, just do:
restic backup /c/myfiles/to/save
restic snapshots


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As advertised it is fast, efficient, verifiable. It is not obvious how to begin with, but the documentation is pretty good and once started it is very powerful. Summarizing it can do incremental encrypted backups in the cloud or local, and the backups can be mounted.

I will use it for my personal backups.


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Restic has no GUI yet . No plans to implement it either . So it remains confined to hard core developers .


This comment is too old (2018), just for clarification, is not for "hard core developers" you don't either need to be an developers to use Restic.