Great rapid development platform!

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I've been working with for about a month now. I'm using the platform's ability to both store data and to serve html directly. I've loved many things about it. Some are simple and some are more complex. Basically, it abstracts away the tedium of setting up a webserver, installing a nosql database, and having to manage the whole thing. Instead, I get to focus on actually building my app.

Simple things I love:

  1. Their integrated, web-based code editor does that does syntax highlighting and supports code folding.
  2. Their out of the box CRUD interface for managing data in the database. You only have to write the public-facing bits.
  3. Simple import and export from collections.
  4. Out of the box image management. Upload images directly via the back-end interface.

Complex things I love:

  1. Handlebars.js built right in to the webserver side. Just use it.
  2. Lodash is built into the webserver side so you can use it to transform data from the query before sending it to the client.
  3. Mongo-esque query language.
  4. Auth0 support!