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Looks like the Resophnotes website is down. I really prefer it over the official Simplenote client (Less resource hungry and faster). I use it every day. Love it.


Good, attractive, simple note-taking.

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Love this program. I use the portable version, and this is one of my favorite pieces of software. It would be one of the very first to be moved over to a new computer.

Personally, I use it like a sticky note application.
I use it to jot down quick notes to myself, thoughts, current references and resources I'll need to refer to in the near future, keep scraps of text I'm currently copy/pasting to and from the clipboard. Stuff like that.

It's useful to be able to throw every scrap of information on a subject into this thing as a catch all and then review the notes to condense and edit down from there.
[Any more permanent notes then get moved over to a tabbed notebook app (currently KeyNote NF, but keeping an eye on CherryTree to try). I move them over simply because I like the layout and extra organization for static bits of info more, this still works well as a general all-in-one notetaking app, and I used to use it like that, too.]

I use this countless times a day since I downloaded it who knows how long ago. I can't imagine my computer without it now, honestly. I just leave it running in my taskbar the whole session. It's very convenient. I haven't run any monitoring software or benchmarked it, but I don't notice it taxing my system resources at all/significantly, even with other software running constantly alongside it.

It looks really nice, too.

I have not used the sync backup, as I don't need it (I find it simple enough to transfer the data folder to a USB drive and move it that way, I don't switch devices often), so I can't comment on that aspect.



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Functional perhaps, an eyesore for certain.
The official Simplenote client is a much better choice nowadays.


Almost perfect

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Nothing is ever perfect (perfection is just a perception), but this tiny note taking app comes pretty close. What sets ResophNotes apart from all the other run-of-the-mill apps to jot down notes is that it syncs to the cloud via the Simplenote service. No matter what PC or mobile device you use, you'll have access to all your text notes. The only two things that hold ResophNotes back are:

  1. You can't organize your notes into subcategories like a tree outliner.
  2. The search functionality is limited (for example, you are forced to do a global search and cannot do a Ctrl+F to search only within the current note).

Great app before it started deleting all my notes

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Been using NVALT on the mac for notetaking, and resophnotes on win7.
Hadn't used resophnotes for a while, and started it up. It suddenly went into banana-mode and started deleting notes all over the place.

Luckily I store my notes in DropBox so I could restore.