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Forced online – thanks, but no thanks

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RescueTime can only be used in an "online mode", where all your usage data is eventually transmitted to their servers for analysis and reporting. At least I didn't find any indication that the software could be configured differently. This might have some convenience benefits, especially when tracking multiple devices, although these could also be solved in a better way. Apart from the obvious privacy concerns, however, it also ties your use of the software to their service, which leads to all kinds of questions concerning mobile data usage, use while offline, future availability of the service, and a lot more. I personally wouldn't want my time tracking to be dependent on those questions and issues, and I don't think it should be for anyone. Forced online is, as in most cases, a major dealbreaker.

I recommend having a look at ManicTime, which offers pretty much all of the same functionality and benefits, while working locally and not being tied to some external server outside of your control. In fact, as a semi-obvious jab at RescueTime, "not a cloud-based service" is one of the major selling points they advertise on their website – as it should be!


I'm building an alternative that's getting pretty good (if I may say so myself). Try it out: Small ActivityWatch iconActivityWatch

Nice, thanks for the heads-up. I'll check it out and keep an eye on it :)

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I like idea to track where do I spend my life