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The best

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Yes! It's the best. Frequently updated too. Hooray!

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What can i say? I've yet to find something that ReName wasn't up to. My only complaint is the dated look of the program icon. Not something you want on your desktop. :)

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Hi DanMan. You message is more than one year old now but let me suggest this icon as a replacement :

You can convert this .png to .ico with IcoFX (free) and edit ReNamer.exe also using IcoFX (or reshacker if you're familiar with this). There's a resource editor located in IcoFX tools menu.

Locate the ReNamer.exe, right click the program icon that will appear and chose "change". After that, locate your replacement icon. Of course, each new update will overwrite ReNamer executable and you will have to replace everything again.

Otherwise, IconPackager is able to replace any program icon without editing resources, it's more like "masking" the original icon with another but it stays after update, that's the positive point (i think that the original icon will stay in the taskbar though).

The shortcut will look like this with after using IcoFX :

Thanks, but now that you've pointed me at this, I like this one even better:


It is bad

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ReNamer is Freemium which only store max 5 presets or rules