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Great for converting to AAC audio

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This is a simple, reliable and fast way to remix things, but it has some limitations. I still use it almost everyday, and I'll explain why.

The advantage that this has over Subler is that it can convert audio from just about anything into AAC. Subler seems to crash when converting audio (I don't even know why the option is there because it crashes every single time). So unless something has AAC audio, I run it through remix first, and then through Subler to add subs, convert to Main @ 3.1, and add metadata and cover art.


Subler crashes on newer versions of ios. This is a problem with the included A52codec in all mac os versions higher than lion. This is very well documented on the subler site and they include a replacement codec file so all you need to do is copy and replace the stock one and it works perfect.