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not good at all

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  • editor becomes very sluggish on bigger texts (see edit)
  • allows new line due to new line, but specification clearly states that only two or more whitespaces followed by newline create newline. Produces incompatible md.
  • live preview easily breaks and locks into upper corner
  • confuses numbered and doted lists when they are combined
  • ignores alignment in tables
  • gtk3 dialog is very ugly outside of gnome3, but that is personal....

but the rendering and the formatting support is one of the best, and checkbox support is cool

But what gives, if the live preview is broken and editor is unacceptable for medium and larger texts.

Edit: I think I figured out the reason for sluggishness. Its live preview mode, because it seem to poll and re-render the contents too early. That is it should instead delay the rendering, if it detects that keys are still being pressed. This may also be the reason for live preview to loose its focus and scroll all way up.
Eitherway, in this condition, the live editing of larger documents is nigh-impossible.

Linux, KDE4.

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