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RegExr is good for javascript validation


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It's fast and well-designed. Namely...

  • simple and intuitive UI that maximizes screen real estate
  • discreet contextual tooltips explaining every pattern and match
  • built-in regex reference & examples
  • user profiles with the ability to save and share patterns
  • compatible with mobile browsers!

I use it for regular expression testing more than any other solution I've found. What's more, it works like a quick notepad, or an extensive, complicated regular expression IDE. The only thing I miss is the old Adobe Air desktop version.


has contextual help for understanding regex

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didn't see this in the other alternatives I looked into

makes understanding regex a little bit easier

Also, it lets you share regex snippets as well to other people

THere's even a community library of common regex commands for things like searching for phone numbers in a large amount of text

Very useful way to learn regex

Suggest looking into their 1:30 second tutorial briefing all the features: https://youtu.be/fOH62XXGdLs


Some of the community examples aren't working though, I am not sure whether its the regex statements that are faulty or if the platform itself has problems.

Example, the URLparser example does not having matching criteria when you add more dummy text data

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Too small!!

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I need a darn magnifying glass