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BLOATED.. over 3mb to edit registry?

Registry Commander - The "Alternative Registry Editor"

Use: this 337KB bad boy instead

So tiny once UPX'ed setting "Brute"

  • more functions, bookmark, backup, and 100% freeware (closed source)
  • its 32bit BUT has "toggle to 64bit" a well made/tested mode!
    **"zero error/no issues" combo 32bit/64bit editor, written in 32bit **

Page on this site: Small Registry Commander iconRegistry Commander
Main page: http://aezay.dk/aezay/regcmd/

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Good registry editor

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Using regalyz- on Windows 8.1, Find and Replace feature is great.


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Tested on a laptop running Windows 10. Menu bar is totally black (bad GDI implementation) but menus are okay. Made a global search on the registry : program froze, had to kill it via "Process Explorer".
Not recommended...