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$ sudo apt install redshift worked for me out the box. $ nohup redshift & was able to start and then shut down terminal. Have yet to add to startup applications with lon and lat. Otherwise works with Nvidia GPU where flu.x did not.


It's just great.

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It actually does what it promises to do. It's very simple, just install it with apt or .deb files or even the source and then it's ready. I installed it by apt and I didn't need to do anything else. It automatically sets the right settings for me. No more bright glowing screens in the night.

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I've tried to get this running on Windows 10 1903.
I've created a "redshift.conf" in the same directory and in "%UserProfile%\.config", it still said, that I should provide lat/lon.
Starting it with ".\redshift.exe -l 48.1:11.6" it said, that it failed to use the method wingdi (Windows GDI).
No other methods are provided.
Even after running it with elevated rights, it failed.
A huge waste of time.

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