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Redo Backup and Recovery Reviews

Exactly what I needed

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Works very well and extremely easy to use as it's wizard-driven, using a stripped-down, customised Ubuntu OS and GUI.
Also comes with a few other useful disk utils such as GParted for partition editing, and if you really want to you can use Terminal for command line interaction.

I wanted to transfer my partner's Windows 7 image from an old 500 Gb HDD to a new (smaller) 480Gb SSD before performing and upgrade to Windows 10. I was able to do everything I needed to using just ReDo (and Virtual Box), which made things so much simpler.

For anyone curious, my process required:

  1. Backing up to a NAS over the network
  2. Restoring the image to a Virtual Box VM
  3. Booting the VM into ReDo so that I could used GParted to edit the partition size down from 500Gb to less that 480Gb (I could have done this prior to step 1 but I didn't want to make any changes to the original disk)
  4. Backing up a new image of the smaller partition back to the NAS
  5. Restoring to SSD

Tip: When restoring to a smaller disk, you will need to edit the .size file included in your backup directory to match the size of the disk you want to restore to. ReDo checks this file before restoring and if your target disk is smaller than the source it won't allow you continue, even if the amount of data and partition size from the source disk are within capacity.


Very good

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Does the same thing as CloneZilla Live (which is very good too), but much more user-friendly! (graphical GUI instead of text-based menus)