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RedMorph Browser Controller Reviews

Privacy and Control

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Cool tool. Love that I can control my privacy rather than having the tool developers make agreements with advertisers and decide what trackers are "allowed" to track me. The spyderweb tool is awesome! My tip, keep your browser open all day and then look at your spyderweb, I bet you will be amazed what your day looks like!


Cool Extension

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I've been using ABP, UBO & Ghostery for some time now. A friend asked me to check out the RedMorph Controller Extension.

Pros: Wow! it is much better than what I have been using. Also like the convenience of the encrypted proxy. The best part is the Spyderweb thingy. It's really cool and you can see all the trackers blocked. Very advanced yet easy to use. Their filters have an interesting effect. May appeal to folks with small children too.


  1. The "Easyfix" button is really smart but located inside the extension, so you have to click for each page you need to bypass. It's convenient but could be made easier by allowing user to add websites ahead of time, like in the filters section.
  2. In spyderweb is it possible to see the actual url/item being blocked? It shows only the domain name now.
  3. I can see they are more effective in blocking compared to all the other tracker blockers ive been using. I wonder if I can get their list and use in my UBO. Can this be made open source? also allow for RedMorph to use my ABP lists.

Overall: Outstanding! will spread the word. Cool job.


Hi Phisher,

Thanks for using the extension!

  1. Certainly, if you click on any object in the Spyderweb will show more information about it.
  2. The Redmorph List is constantly being updated and added to. Old dead links are also removed via our algorithms, due to this at the moment the list is not open. Redmorph also does not support the ABP lists at the moment, however we have a majority of their tracker definitions already included. The ABP lists have many dead domains which make for unnecessary scanning times.

Thanks again!


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If you have any questions about the RMBC please let me know! Happy to answer.


Hey link,
Been using the RMBC for a few days. love it. I just posted some questions in my review. How do I see the actual link being blocked?