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I broke down and decided to try every note-taking application I could find. Recollectr destroys them all, no contest. All features make sense and are useful; there is no waste. I sometimes now write notes just because it's so easy.


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I wanted a program that allows me easy access and that lets me search. That does it all. But in 3 minutes before I even started using it, I went to see how much memory he uses. 350 MB of RAM with it EMPTY. Then with a single simple test note it reached 450 MB. It will hardly weigh more than that, but it is impossible to maintain such a heavy program just for notes. Anyway, I opted for Notable which is using 110 MB. I still think a lot, but it is organized and beautiful, in addition to saving the notes in .MD (markdown) files so I can synchronize them with dropbox or something like that making my use the program optional because it doesn't trap my files inside it.