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I consider myself somewhat an expert when it comes to file recovery software. I have used file recovery software like ZAR and Tiramisu in the DOS era. I was a support lvl 3 specialist for PowerQuest's Lost & Found (a DOS based file recovery program). I have been developing hard disk and data recovery utilities for DOS and Windows since 1998.

I didn't count, but I must have tried and tested well over 100 file recovery utilities. But never used anything like ReclaiMe. As far as I am concerned, ReclaiMe sets a new standard. ReclaiMe is the new benchmark.

ReclaiMe is super effective. It doesn't matter what type of corruption caused the data loss. I have tried common damage types such as lost or deleted partitions, file system corruption, reformatted volumes and combinations. ReclaiMe was always able to recover the data.

It recovers data really fast. In each scenario I tried, ReclaiMe started showing a file and directory list within a few minutes(!). You can almost immediately start to browsing, previewing and copying files. There is no need to wait for hours for the scan to finish.

ReclaiMe is super easy to use. It's user interface resembles the interface of the simplest undelete type utility. "Power users" that want radio buttons, check boxes and what not to tweak the recovery will be disappointed. To recover your data, all the need to do is select a drive and click Start. There is no need for the user to for example pick the correct recovery method (for example partition recovery versus unformat recovery) or file system.

It's loaded with features. Again, don't let ReclaiMe's simple appearance fool you. ReclaiMe supports all current Windows file systems (including the newer exFAT and ReFS), and most Linux and Apple Mac file systems. It supports most partitioning schemes including MD and LVM created RAID sets. This means you can even recover data from RAID sets in NAS devices.

Of course there are other products available that offer support for most Windows, Linux and Mac file systems. Or that offer a user friendly interface. But it's this combination of speed, features and ease of use that ReclaiMe offers that makes it so unique. ReclaiMe strikes this perfect balance that isn't found in any other file recovery software that I know of.

**Every detail has been so well designed. **

Example 1: Many competing tools offer several methods on the lower level to detect lost files. They detect files using file system meta data, and also by using file type specific signatures (more info). The drawback of the latter method is that the filename and directory structure can not be recovered. So the first method is always preferred.

Every tool that I aware of makes no attempt to cross reference the files detect using meta structures versus the ones detected using file type specific patterns. So you either end up with:

  1. List of files & folders detected using meta data
  2. List of generically named files (file0243.JPG) detected using patterns
  3. A combination of the two

ReclaiMe on the other hand will remove files that were detected using file signatures as soon as it finds the same file using meta data. It is the details like this that reveal how well thought out ReclaiMe is. So if you'd for example compare ReclaiMe with Easeus Data Recovery Wizard, the latter may show you 500.000 files while ReclaiMe only lists 350.000 files. This is not due to Data Recovery Wizard detecting more files, it is due to ReclaiMe filtering files that were detected by both file system meta data and file type specific patterns. ReclaiMe will only show a file once. As a result it is easier to select the correct files using ReclaiMe (less noise) and to recover them including the original file names and directory paths.

Example 2: Competing tools may help you determine the state of a physical disk using S.M.A.R.T. technology. Often you need to select a physical disk and then select a disk diagnostics or SMART option. ReclaiMe on the other hand automatically examines the SMART status for every disk detected. If there are reasons for concern, ReclaiMe will automatically notify you by marking the icon for the disk in question with a red color.

I challenge everybody to not take my word for it, and try for yourself.

ReclaiMe features a super simple UI

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