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The only intention why this is so popular is to train G00gle' algorithms. I wish websites would stop using this sh*t and start looking for alternatives!

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I have bad memories of having to go through 50 picture selections in a row before finally giving up. And, yes, this thing is just a crowdsourcing method to help Google's bots recognize objects in images.

When it works, it works well with just a click of the box. When it doesn't... you're going to have a bad time trying to decide whether a box has a fire hydrant in it or not.

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Maybe the most popular, but far from being the better tho.

  • Block user blacklisting Google.
  • Block user using alternative internet protocols (I2P, TOR, for talking only the most popular.
  • Blocking people who block trackers, or people using some browser settings.
  • Can waste minutes to the user complete the whole CAPTCHA, by pretending multiples times that the user failed on multiple test.
    And the worse for a CAPTCHA :
  • It can be bypassed, HereĀ“s for example Buster, and entirely free browser extension, that ironically use a couple of (API), including own Google ones to bypass their entire services.

there are also some darkweb services to bypass it which I now pay for on some sites I use more often.

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since trump administration cancelled protection of users from ISP which allows all ISP to harvest surfing behavior of clients [to sell] it is foolish to use internets without VPN. I use VPN services from companies well rated by Torrent Freak. I am not a pirate or a spammer. I am also not politically correct because I will not comply with intellectual tyranny either.

I would no more disable VPN than I would adblock whitelist a site using third party ads

#deleteGoogle #privacyraping

for everything else there's F'google

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Does it help Google's analyzing bots ?

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I ihhgly suspect their image captcha to be a hidden tool for their bots to better analyze pictures and identify specific objects on photos... and i don't like it...
Other than that, being able to pass the captcha with a single click (most of the time) is quite a big advantage.