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Skeuomorphism that actually helps

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Ever since Apple turned away from Skeuomorphism this style of design in software user interfaces has fallen out of favor. While on a phone pretending to have an actual booklet does not make a whole lot of sense, presenting music software like there analog predecessors makes a lot of sense. Now, a lot of plugins do the same thing, how is Reason different? While plugins usually deal with a single instrument, Propellerhead Reason simulates a whole studio rack. Every device you put into this rack works basically the same way. Sound is routed via audio cables, control voltage via separate plugs. This way basically any output of the same type (audo or cv) can be connected to another input for further processing. This provides a very creative yet nonconfusing approach to have complex setups for rich songs.

As of recent, Propellerhead has introduced Rack Extensions. This way the the biggest downside of Reason, it's relatively small amount of devices, has been addressed as there are numerous extensions available, both instrument- and effectwise. This expanded reason universe of devices also addressed at least some of the concerns of music creators, who where complaining about missing VST connectivity.

Overall, Reason is a good way to get into music production as it allows you to grow into more complexity as you deepen your understanding. Refill packs provide an amplitude of presets for people who are not interested in creating their own unique sound patches, but also allows the latter for creators who are looking for a very distinct sound.

As for the price, if you're new into Reason, there are always great deals that shower a load of Rack Extensions and Refills onto you along with the software and big bucks can be saved. Once you are in the eco system, look out for deals as buying devices just as the are released tends to rack up in costs significantly compared to some sales in the past.

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Reason is awesome! Love It.

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I love using reason its a great beat maker. very easy to learn and use for me. I make loops very fast when i use it. My friend told me about reason one day and i have been using it ever since. I would use this over fl studio because it an overall better hip hop beat maker by my opinion. Great software go buy it.

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